Thank you for your interest in the North Hampton Neighborhood Ownership Model, aka the NOHA NOM.

Here are the volunteer roles that we need help with:
  • Search through case database to identify cases for us to follow
  • Write Impact Statements for cases that we are following
  • Sign Impact Statements and submit to the Circuit Attorney's Office
  • Help get others in the neighborhood to sign the Impact Statement
  • Attend court occasionally as requested by the CAO or SLMPD
Once we have the above roles filled, we are also looking to expand the group in the following ways:
  • Coordinate and/or be part of neighborhood watch
  • Neighborhood lighting task force (street, alley, porch)
  • Neighborhood security camera task force
  • Other ideas that you think we can help with
Our goal is to reduce crime and ensure that our neighborhood is a safe place to live. We could use your help.

For the address field you do not have to provide your specific street address if you are not comfortable doing so. In that case, please provide your block and street, like 50XX Miami.
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Please enter your street address, like "5001 Pernod", or your block & street, like "54XX Lindenwood".
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